Tidbit Histories – Flash! Johannes Gutenberg Unwittingly Sparks Revolution.

Once Gutenberg printed his now famous Bible in 1455 –widely accepted as the first book printed from moveable type, the printing press spread through Europe like wildfire.

By 1460 printing houses appeared throughout the Rhineland in Cologne, Basil and Nuremberg. By 1465 the printing press had crossed the Alps into Italy. The first book was printed in Paris in 1470 and England in 1476. By 1480 there were printing presses in operation in more than 110 towns throughout Western Europe. By 1501, the end of the first one-half century, there were between 15 and 20 million printed books representing over 35,000 titles.

During this brief 46 year period, more books were printed than had been produced by all the scribes in Europe during the previous 1,100 years.gutenberg9_phil


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