Sep 13

Some great vintage dust jackets from the shop

Older dust jackets are easy to appreciate, with their sense of lay-out-board composition and tactility. You can just imagine the designer sitting at a large table with paint, torn scraps of paper, a color palette, collage pieces, and the text, moving and shuffling, erasing and flipping. Also, notice the lack of author blurbs, which seem to be everywhere now. Of course, blurbs have been in use for some time, but it is refreshing to see them missing from time to time. I’m a great fan of the paper dust jacket, before they were coated in plastic for the sake of protection. There’s a simpleness and fragility about them.






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  1. Matias

    And it seems the two novels by J-P Manchette that City Lights of San Francisco pbluished a few years ago, The Prone Gunman (La Position du tireur couche9) and 3 to Kill (Le Petit Bleu de la Cf4te Ouest), which were out of print, are both set to be reprinted and should be available again soon (it they’re not out already). Both are very much worth catching if you like classic Noir.

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