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Tidbit Histories – A CHRISTMAS CAROL not Dickens’ favorite!

In October of 1844, Charles Dickens and his family were on holiday in Genoa. Having written A CHRISTMAS CAROL the previous year, it was time to start his second Christmas Story. Unfortunately Dickens found that he could not write away from his beloved England. Then, inspiration struck, ignited by the sound of the bells of …

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Tidbit Histories – Dickens Writes Christmas Carol in Eight Weeks!

In London, in the 1820’s, a chimney sweep and a shoemaker founded a volunteer institution to give free instruction to poor children. After a visit to one of these so called “Ragged Schools”, Charles Dickens wrote, “I have very seldom seen in London and elsewhere, anything so shocking as the dire neglect of soul and …

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Tidbit History – Dickens as Pop Star

On December 27, 1853, Charles Dickens read A CHRISTMAS CAROL to a crowd of 2000 at Birmingham Hall in London. Both to combat his waning creativity and to distract himself from a failing marriage, Charles Dickens would perform 440 readings over the next 17 years. His status became that of a rock star with people …

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