Victorian Yellowbacks & Paperbacks Bibliography

ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED as inexpensive books to be sold in railway book stalls, Yellowbacks represent a major cultural window through which we can view Victorian England. Although their bibliographic importance has been recognized since 1938, until now there has been no systematic study of these books which, in many cases, represent the true first edition of an author's work.

Dr. Chester W. Topp has spent 30 years compiling the definitive bibliography of over 20 publishers of Victorian Yellowbacks and paperbacks. This study is based on his own extensive library of 1,700 Yellowbacks and 1,900 19th century paperbacks and an exhaustive search of every major trade and literary journal of the last century.

Arranged chronologically, all entries indicate the publisher, year, month and day of publication as taken from contemporary publishers' journals. All entries also indicate who published the first English and American editions and whether there were other Yellowback appearances.

These beautiful hardback books are printed on acid-free paper and come complete with dust jackets and color sections showing important or representative books.

Each volume is indexed by Author, Title and Series.

All volumes are available at $150.00 each. Contact The Hermitage Bookshop for purchases.

Volume 1: George Routledge
(ISBN 0-9633920-0-X)

Volume 2: Ward & Lock
(ISBN 0-933920-1-8)

Volume 3: Hotten, Chatto & Windus
(ISBN 0-9633920-2-6)

Volume 4: Frederick Warne
(ISBN 09633920-3-4)

Volume 5: Macmillan & Co., Smith & Elder & Co.
(ISBN 0-9633920-4-2)

Volume 6: Longmans, Green and Co., C. H. Clarke,
John Maxwell & Co., Tinsley Bros.
(ISBN 0-9633920-5-0)

Volume 7: F.V. White & Co., Cassell & Co.,
William Blackwood & Sons, and Vizetelly & Co.
(ISBN 0-9633920-6-9)

Volume 8: Simpkin, Marshall & Co., J.W. Arrowsmith,
Richard Bentley, Ward & Downey, and James Blackwood
(ISBN 0-9633920-7-7)

Volume 9: David Bryce, Ingram, Cooke and Co., David Bogue,
Henry Lea, Swan Sonnenschein and Co., J. & C. Brown and Co.
(ISBN 0-9633920-8-5)

"Dr. Topp's first volume, a handsomely produced and massive 550 pages, describes the output of one of the major Yellowback publishers, George Routledge. This is the work of a tireless enthusiast." —Antiquarian Book Monthly

"Anybody collecting or dealing in this field will be grateful that the results of this exhaustive research are publicly available now, and will look forward to future volumes in this series." —Bookdealer